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Esearch Agency was created with the sole intent to help promote any business with a physical geographic location online. Esearch Agency senior staff has over 10 years of online marketing experience.

eSearch Agency Mission

We specialize in helping businesses with increasing their branding identity, internet presence & driving qualified & measurable traffic to their websites. We utilize an in house Search Engine Marketing (SEM) staff so our clients will have the competitive advantage of obtaining as much page 1 Google virtual real estate as possible. We understand the certainty that page one result for Google has to include Paid Search, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, YouTube, Local Search, Google Merchant and News Results. Focusing our efforts allows us to make this possible for our clients.

eSearch Agency SEM/Local Management Experience

Our team of online marketing experts and qualified technicians will find ways to engage a prospects attention, resulting in more quality traffic to your website. There are hundreds of avenues to pursue online for any marketing venture and each one of them requires a different approach. Every website has different demographics and purposes; our expertise in online marketing is passed on to our customers.

eSearch Agency SEM

We will build campaigns across the major pay per click platforms that consistently drive more traffic at a lower cost and are purely setup for success of your business needs and goals. Targeting is an essential part of every pay per click campaign we build for you, we select the right keywords geared toward visitors that are further along in the buying cycle and are coming from the appropriate targeted region of business. All of our pay per click campaigns are built from the experience of our seasoned campaign directors with the core focus of eliminating wasteful spend by exercising all of the tools provided including negative keywords, proper matching options, targeted campaigns, granular Ad Group’s and relevant ad copy. We help customers get consistent results with its proven methodology of providing relevant and reliable statistics accountable to advertising investments. By increasing an advertiser’s ROI, we save them time and money, while leaving tremendous opportunity for new choices in the marketplace.

Esearch Agency Team

Knowledge of the internet marketplace. Over 10+ years of experience and running.


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